Advertising Campaign

The bed-sheet will then make every effort to create a smart campaign towards the people in the list because of the large potential that exists in these customers. All the information in the lists will be used in order to reach these potential customers.

The nature of the advertising campaign is determined by the information that is contained in the list. This means that if there are phone numbers on the list, then the most appropriate thing for the company to do would be to pursue a telemarketing campaign.

One of the most ubiquitous forms of advertising is direct mail. This is a direct marketing campaign that is pursued when the information that the list contained was mailing addresses. In this form of marketing, companies generally send out a sale notification postcard or inventory catalog.

All sorts of companies, ranging from computer software companies to clothing designers, use this form of advertising and it is very useful because it allows for direct interaction with potential customers while letting the customers do the reading at their own time and comfort.

Today, there is a new and different way of doing this kind of campaign. Instead of direct mail, it is direct email which has also proven to be effective for the same reasons that direct mail is effective. Companies send out bulk emails of their catalogs and coupons and conquer marketing territories.